LEARN TO SWIM CALENDAR - 2020 (Durban North)

(42 weeks of lessons in total/Avg. of 10 weeks per term)


Term 1:                       (9 weeks)                                                       


Start:                            Sat, 18th Jan             

Close:                           Fri, 20th Mar



Term 2:                       (11 weeks)


Start:                            Tue, 31st Mar

Close:                           Sat, 13th Jun


Public Holidays:                       

                                      Sat, 21st Mar (Human Rights Day)

                                      Fri, 10th Apr (Good Friday)

                                      Sat, 11th Apr (Closed for long weekend)

                                      Mon, 13th Apr (Family Day)

                                      Mon, 27th Apr (Freedom Day)

                                      Fri, 1st May (Worker’s Day)

                                      Tue, 16th Jun (Youth Day)                                       



Term 3:                       (11 weeks)


Start:                            Tue, 7th Jul

Close:                           Sat, 19th Sep


Public Holidays:                       

                                     Sun, 9th Aug (National Women’s Day)

                                     Mon, 10th Aug (Women’s Day carried over)

                                     Thu, 24th Sep (Heritage Day)



Term 4:                       (11 weeks)


Start:                            Tue, 29th Sep

Close:                           Sat, 12th Dec