We offer parent and baby/toddler classes, learn to swim classes for beginners of all ages, as well as stroke development. 




By keeping our learn to swim classes small and with instructors that get into the water with the swimmers, we ensure that each child gets hands on attention and instruction.  Our instructors are passionate about swimming and we try to instil in all our students a love for swimming, by providing a fun approach to learning to swim for all ages.


We encourage group learning because it is our experience that children have a more enjoyable learning experience and develop faster with peers. It is the principle of "monkey see, monkey do".  We have seen far stronger and more confident swimmers emerge from group sessions than individual sessions.  Confidence is the key word.  When a child is confident in the water, they are more willing to explore and push their own individual boundaries, which results in them learning faster.


However, it must be noted that each child is different. Nowadays there are higher volumes of children that have difficulty learning or concentrating. There are also children that exhibit terrible water fear and/or who lack water confidence. This is when the benefits of individual or paired classes, for a period of time, must be acknowledged.


Water safety is an essential skill that all toddlers and children MUST have.  A drowning happens quickly and silently.

                                      It is responsible parenting to ensure that your child is water safe. 


What does this mean? It means that in the event of your child falling into the water accidentally, that they are equipped enough to :-


a) Not panic                                                       b) Orientate themselves and return to their point of entry safely

c) Lift their head to breathe                            c) Float until someone can assist them


If your child is not able to do these basic principles - They are not water safe.




It has been our aim to provide a fun unintimidating environment for students who are in a transition phase of moving from a small home pool into a 25m pool.  We assist students to improve fitness and stroke which will enable them to join a squad.