FEES are due latest by the 1st of each new month.


New students will not be allowed in the pool before enrolment forms have been signed and receipted by Swimfundi!





Public holidays and all school holidays.  



               SMOKING is NOT permitted at any of the swimming facilities. Kindly ensure that you take your own rubbish

               home with you or throw it away in the bins.  Please do not hide unwanted food or papers on the premises.


LOST AND FOUND - We will do our best to hold on to items left behind or misplaced, but we can’t be held responsible for missing items. Please label/mark all of your child’s swim kit.


Notice for all parents :  Please do not interfere with Instructors and Coaches whilst lessons are in progress.   Should you have matters to discuss kindly contact the coaches at the end of the day or email the offices, and we will contact you. This is to ensure that each session is productive for all swimmers.


Items needed for each lesson:-

Sun Block, towel, jacket/shirt, juice and a snack.

Cap and goggles. Swim nappies for Babies. Your child’s coach will advise.

Please contact the office for the swimming kit price list


Banking details

First National Bank - Swimfundi

Account number: 62514747065

Branch code: 220426 (Durban North)